Beard Balm or Beard Oil?

It actually depends on you but either way, your beard will be great. Beard oil of course is shinier and more slippery. It also feels a little bit warm. The balm can be of the same effect with oil but it is less shiny. For some men, the oil is better than the balm, some have the beard because they get allergy from the oil (sometimes vice-versa), some men even use both for maximum effect. It is actually depending on your preferences. You can try all these four and see where the best effect comes from.

This beard balm from Australia is formulated to keep any level or style of beard healthy, smooth and attractive smell. It has vital oils and vitamins with the aroma of woodland and citrus combined. The oil has the almond, hemp, argon, and vitamin e oils and it has the same aroma of woodland and citrus. Almost the same but it is still your choice because there are still some differences where the perfect match is the only thing you can discover yourself.

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