Medicines Can Make Your Teeth Look Darker and Dirtier

Smoking, fruit juices, wine, candies, sports drinks, coffee and even some medicines are among the main villains in making your teeth suffer from discoloration. You cannot actually notice it over the years but as you age, you will realize, “oh, my teeth.. they are not as white and strong as before.”  This is quite true, but hey there is still hope.

If you have a kid, and noticed that he or she has discolored teeth, then it must have been also due to the consumption of some products mentioned. Or he or she might have taken medications before that may have caused the discoloration. The antibiotic tetracycline actually leaves gray color to the teeth in children, especially the ones with teeth that are still developing.

You might have heard about the use of mouthwashes can also cause stains in the teeth. These are because they usually have chlorhexidine or cetylpyridinium chloride. For allergies, some antihistamines can also be a villain here. Some antipsychotic drugs and blood pressure medications are also containing agents that can cause tooth stains like iron and excess fluoride.

One of the first ways to restore the white pearl teeth is through bleaching. However, this is not the solution for everyone. If it will not give you any effect at all, you need to take the dentist’s advice. Maybe your teeth have some things that are avoiding the good effect of bleaching. Some elements could have been stuck there. To make sure, you need to take the advice of a Cosmetic dentist. They have tests that you may undergo with before the procedure. They usually have the painless and easy teeth whitening procedure. Pure Smile in Australia, for example have been making many people happier with their teeth being whitened in just 30 minutes or an hour. Some go there during their lunch break and go back to the office with their whiter teeth. See if you can take the same procedure today.