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Teeth Whitening Methods Work For You?

The yellowing of teeth is not an overnight process. If not treated immediately, the stains would seep through the enamel. The Dentin would then be affected, thus, making it hard to whiten the teeth once more.

A variety of means is accessible to everyone, but this does not assure you that every single one of those will bear a desirable outcome.

Effectiveness of In-Home Methods

Regular over-the-counter methods have limited effectiveness in such cases. Aside from strips and gels, the other options would only show their effect weeks or months after using it regularly.

Strips and gels are generally good. They can do their job in just a few days, and it would last for months if you observe proper dental care afterward.

The dental trays used for gels, however, might cause gum irritation due to its ‘one size, fit all’ purpose. Ill-fitting trays can damage your teeth, so consult with your dentist first before using one.

Natural treatment is also available. However, we don’t have sufficient data to back its efficacy. In fact, they can cause more damage if left in contact with your teeth for a prolonged time.

What works safely?

We recommend seeking professional help to ensure successful whitening with minimal risk.

Several dental clinics offer in-office of the said service, such as SmileBar and their Sydney Teeth whitening.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening?

In contrast to the result of what the in-home method can deliver, a session supervised by an expert can provide an effect in just a few hours.

They can deal with larger doses of chemicals safely, which guarantees to lessen the teeth’ yellowness by three to eight shades.

You can also ask for a custom-made tray that suits exactly your need if you still want to try the in-home process.

The Bottomline

There are plenty of do-it-yourself ways to achieve that perfect smile you desire; among these, the in-office procedure is the most effective way.

When using the first method, it is best to look for the ADA Certification as this is your assurance that the product you use is relatively safe.